Established in 1991 for operation in the elevator service and assembly secson, Centa expanded its scope to perform in the manufacturing industry at the beginning of 2000. The firm pioneered in manufacturing of photocell (light curtains), a important source of security that used to be an exclusively imported item. Solely depending on their own resources, know-how and knowledge, Centa established a significant market share in the domestic elevator market as well as in the international platforms. Increased demand for elevators and particularly for more comfortable elevator environments pushed the firm for further investigations in the market. In 2002-2003 Centa decided to manufacture weight sensors for the elevators. Currently the firm is successfully producing the electronic weight sensors for domestic use as well as export markets in several European and Asian countries. Another focus of the firm is the manufacture of alpha numeric monitors in the buildings and the elevator cabins. Still another area of interest for Centa is to design and manufacture decorative and customized lighting systems for elevator ceilings.

Centa today manufactures according to the European standards and closely follows advances in the technology by adding innovative products to its continuously growing product assortment.

Our mission

  • Providing quality service beyond the expectations of our partners
  • To gain the trust and sincerity of our business partners
  • Provide creative solutions to our business partners
  • Direct company resources to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs
  • To offer our business partners by adding value to the products and services provided from domestic and foreign suppliers
  • To give opportunities to employees and the tasks they can prove themselves, to encourage creativity
  • Working together with all our staff for the welfare and happiness of society.

Centa Asansör Video


Our products are 100% domestic production. All products on our site are certified ” CE”.

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